Weir To The Rescue

Dead & Company guitarist joins U.N. Development team

By Gary Graff
September 18, 2017

Bob Weir is grateful for the latest honor in his long career. The Grateful Dead co-founder, currently co-fronting Dead & Company with John Mayer, has been named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme via his work with Tribal Planet, an organization that became the official technology provider for the UNDP.

In his role, Weir told Billboard that: “I’m hoping to develop an atmosphere of cooperation between global industry and the UNDP to the point where industry is working toward social good as a primary goal. I’d like to see climate change and the ongoing diminishing of biodiversity arrested and dealt with the point where the sustainability of life on Earth isn’t threatened. I’d also like to see people reflexively consider the good of the planet in the choices they regularly make.”

Weir plans to champion renewable energy, coastline preservation and climate programs and to fight against deforestation. Meanwhile, he’ll be on the road this fall with Dead & Company, whose 15-date tour starts Nov.12 in New York City.