A Synyster Guitar School

Avenged Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates launches online guitar courses with his dad

By Gary Graff

November 30, 2017

Want to learn guitar with someone from Avenged Sevenfold? Now’s your chance.

The group’s Synyster Gates (real name Brian Haner Jr.) and his father, musician, author and comedian Brian “Papa Gates” Haner Sr. have teamed up for the Synyster Gates School, “an online guitar school with a deep emphasis in community.”

The site is not yet up and Gates acknowledges in an interview with that “there’s been setbacks” waiting for the site developers, but the father-son team has created all of the videos and is still hoping to launch the site before the end of the year.

The pair is already teasing the school with videos detailing the Five String Sweep and Dorian Mode techniques. Fans can see those and sign up for the school at

Avenged Sevenfold, meanwhile is releasing an expanded deluxe version of its latest album, The Stage, on Dec. 22; the title track has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song.

A7X begins a North American tour on Jan. 12 in Nashville, with Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine opening.