Slash’s Divorce Jungle

GNR guitarist claims he and estranged wife may not have been actually married in the first place

By Gary Graff
November 2, 2016

Slash’s divorce from his wife Perla Ferrar has turned ugly. The Guns N’ Roses guitarist is claiming that she was, in fact, not his wife at all.

According to TMZ, the guitarist claims that Ferrar’s one-month marriage in 1993 to Carlos Marty was never legally ended because the proper documents were not filed; that, he claims, would render his 2001 marriage to Ferrar null and void, and, importantly, impact on any claim she might make. Ferrar counters that when the mistake was discovered in 2009, when she and Slash were seeking dual citizenship for their son Cash, the judge made the divorce retroactive to 1994.

Slash filed for divorce from Ferrar — for a second time — during December of 2014. They do not have a prenuptial agreement. Ferrar told TMZ on Tuesday (Nov. 1) that Slash’s claim is “very hurtful to me and disrespectful to our children. I gave him 18 years of my life, so it’s a bit unexpected and humiliating and disrespectful to our family.”

Regardless of the judge’s decision, Ferrar is not entitled to any of his proceeds from Guns N’ Roses’ Not In This Lifetime reunion tour, which has raked in a reported $117 million so far.