Parfitt’s Passing

Status Quo guitarist’s widow blames “medical negligence” for his death

By Gary Graff
July 6, 2017

The widow of the late Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt is blaming doctors and hospital workers for her husband’s death last December 24 at the age of 68.

Lyndsay Whitburn appeared on the British TV show Lorraine on Wednesday (July 4) claiming that “medical negligence” was responsible for Parfitt’s passing from a severe infection he contracted in a Spanish hospital after suffering complications from a shoulder injury.

“It was just unbelievable — and such a futile way to die, really,” Whitburn said. “He…survived all sorts of health scares. I think we all felt that he’d always come through. Obviously this was just one too many things. I feel at the end he was misdiagnosed. I think there was a bit of medical negligence.”

Whitburn did not say if she planned to file any lawsuits in conjunction with Parfitt’s death. The guitarist had already retired from the band at the time of his death after three heart attacks and a successful battle against throat cancer.

Status Quo, meanwhile, has announced a July 15 release for Last Night Of The Electrics,  a CD and home video from the band’s December performance in London that concluded what’s said to be its last major tour.