Joe Perry On Aerosmith’s Future

Guitarist says rumors of Aerosmith’s farewell may be exaggerated 

By Gary Graff
June 30, 2016

How many times have we seen the singer and guitarist of a famous band disagree about something — especially in the case of, oh, Aerosmith?

The latest point-counterpoint between Joe Perry and frontman Steven Tyler appears to be over whether or not the band is planning a farewell tour for 2017. Tyler said it’s a done deal in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, but Perry tells Guitar World that it’s not quite there yet. “It’s one of many thing we’ve talked about as a band, but I don’t know if it’s the end,” Perry tells the mag. “We take it from album to tour and day to day. It’s the same philosophy we’ve always had.”

Perry adds that even if Aerosmith decides to call it a day, it’ll take awhile before the group takes its final bows: “It could go on for two years. There are still a lot of places we haven’t played yet that we want to play. More to follow — just put it that way.”

That echoes what fellow guitarist Brad Whitford told us recently, when he said Aerosmith is “starting to look at next year. We keep talking about doing what we may call a farewell tour, but, y’know, based on the Kiss approach that could go on for three to five years.”

The Aerosmith members are certainly staying busy in the meantime. Perry is touring with Hollywood Vampires while Whitford and Ted Nugent singer Derek St. Holmes have reunited their Whitford/St. Holmes band, which is wrapping up a tour with Whitesnake. Tyler is in the midst of a tour promoting his first solo album, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere, which comes out July 15, bassist Tom Hamilton will be playing some anniversary shows with Thin Lizzy and drummer Joey Kramer is working on his coffee brand.

Aerosmith will, however, regroup to play dates in South America this fall.


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