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Late guitarist is memorialized in new box set

By Gary Graff
October 9, 2017

The late Gary Moore will be remembered with a new box set, Blues And Beyond, that’s set for a Nov. 24 release. The four-CD set will feature two discs of studio recordings along with another two discs of previously unreleased live tracks, a copy of the new, authorized Moore biography I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow by Harry Shapiro and a selection of memorabilia.

The Belfast-born Moore played in the bands Skid Row, Thin Lizzy and Colosseum II before launching a solo career in the summer of 1979. He released 20 solo albums before dying on February 6, 2011 at the age of 58 from an alcohol-induced heart attack while vacationing in Estonia, Spain. Moore is buried in the churchyard at St. Margaret’s Church in Rottingdean, England.

The full tracklist for Blues And Beyond includes:

1. “Enough Of The Blues”
2. “Tell Me Woman”
3. “Stormy Monday”
4. “That’s Why I Play The Blues”
5. “Power Of The Blues”
6. “Ball And Chain”
7. “Looking Back”
8. “Surrender”
9. “Cold Black Night”
10. “There’s A Hole”
11. “Getaway Blues”
12. “We Want Love”
13. “Memory Pain”
14. “The Prophet”

1. “You Upset Me Baby”
2. “Bring My Baby Back”
3. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
4. “World Of Confusion”
5. “Picture Of The Moon”
6. “Can’t Find My Baby”
7. “Drowning In Tears”
8. “Evil”
9. “My Baby (She’s So Good To Me)”
10. “Ain’t Got You”
11. “Just Can’t Let You Go”
12. “How Many Lies”
13. “Torn Inside”
14. “Parisienne Walkways” (Live)

CD3 (box set only)
Blues And Beyond Live: (previously unreleased)
1. “Walking By Myself”
2. “Oh Pretty Woman”
3. “Need Your Love So Bad”
4. “Since I Met You Baby”
5. “Surrender”
6. “Cold Black Night”
7. “All Your Love”
8. “Still Got The Blues”

CD4 (box set only)
Blues and Beyond Live: (previously unreleased)
1. “Too Tired”
2. “The Sky Is Crying”
3. “Further On Up The Road”
4. “Fire”
5. “The Blues Is Alright”
6. “Enough Of The Blues” (Alternative)
7. “The Prophet”


  1. Darren Main... says:

    Your Facts are incorrect? Gary did not Pass away in Estonia- Spain, & The cause of his Passing Was Not!!!!!!! As stated… please understand, GM has Family & a very Large Following So the details need to be Correct, or preferably not written at all, Many thanks for your Time.

  2. Connie J Moats says:

    I am a great fan of Gary Moore. He is the best of the best. Can`t wait to have Blues and Beyond, I will treasure it. I am going to visit Rottingdean England to pay my respects to Gary. I live in Virginia USA. To me he is the greatest guitarist of all time. RIP my love.