Megadeth Update

Guitarist Kiko Loureiro happily with band, despite rumors

By Gary Graff
November 24, 2016

All is well between Megadeth and its latest guitarist, Kiko Loureiro, according to frontman and group leader Dave Mustaine.

Reports surfaced this week that Loureiro — who joined Megadeth last year after Chris Broderick left in 2014 and recorded on the group’s new album, Dystopia — has already left the band, and Wikipedia briefly listed former guitarist Marty Friedman as back in the band.

Mustaine posted a tweet that: “Kiko is 100% in Megadeth. The sites and sources that said he is leaving are unreliable and should not be trusted at all. I did not fire Kiko. I Love the man. He is in Finland with his wife having his twin babies.”

Mustaine also tweeted that, “I love Marty too — but I have been even happier since I met Kiko.”

Loureiro, meanwhile, has posted a photo online of him holding his newborn babies