Get On Your Badmotorfinger and Ride

Soundgarden announces 25th anniversary edition of key album

By Gary Graff
October 10, 2016

Soundgarden continues its archival ways next month with the November 18 release for a 25th anniversary edition of its 1991 album Badmotorfinger.

The set  comes in a variety of configurations including a single CD and two-disc CD and vinyl versions. A seven-disc Super Deluxe set includes four CDs, two DVDs and a Blu-ray audio disc with 79 previously unreleased tracks and a Live at the Paramount concert recording, along with a 52-page book, stickers, a patch, photo cards and more.

Soundgarden’s four members have been closely involved with the set — as they have been with other recent archival projects including an anniversary edition of Superunknown — and guitarist Kim Thayil tells us that he’s particularly excited about giving Badmotorfinger its due: “Badmotorfinger was very influential in the rock community. Badmotorfinger had a strong influence on other musicians…Badmotorfinger had an impact [not just] with listeners but also with guitarists and drummers and singers, people who started bands. We were one of those bands that guys who started bands listened to. And as a band member and a kid growing up learning how to play guitar, those bands were like the Ramones and Sabbath and Pink Floyd, and…I am glad we are true to ourselves by being the kind of band we loved growing up.”

Track lists and more details can be found at While it preps for the Badmotorfinger set’s release, Soundgarden is also working on another new album to follow up to 2012’s King Animal.