Frampton Comes Clean

He makes personal call to fan who caused him to snap in Minnesota

By Gary Graff
July 31, 2017

Peter Frampton continues to do some classy damage control from his recent on-stage meltdown in Minnesota.

You’ll recall that on July 23 Frampton tussled with a video camera operator showing a fan in the crowd holding up album covers while he was playing what he considered an important solo during the show. Frampton and his band walked off stage briefly but returned to finish the show, sans video screen.

He subsequently apologized for the “overreaction,” explaining that he “felt we had completely lost control of this special moment in the show.” Now Sherry Tupa, the fan who held up copies of Frampton Comes Alive! and I’m In You for the cameras, has received a personal phone call from Frampton to apologize for his behavior.

Tupa tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Frampton was “humble and sweet” and “apologized over and over (and) talked about the fact that he did not handle it correctly.”

Frampton also asked Tupa to send him the copy of Frampton Comes Alive! so he could sign it, but she’s demurred because she already had the camera operator sign it for her. “I kind of wish I hadn’t done that,” she told the newspaper.