For Whom The Scuzz Tolls

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett releases new effects pedal

By Gary Graff

July 28, 2016

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and his KHDK Electronics company has announced the new Scuzz Box, a fuzz pedal that boasts a particularly dirty tone — two tones, in fact, the more melodic Fuzz mode and the grating, buzzy Scuzz mode.

KHDK co-owner David Karon says in a statement that: “We created the Scuzz Box to shine through in the mix; it can be used for soloing and long, wailing tones and its clarity is even perfect for power chords.”

Dave Catching of Eagles of Death Metal is an early endorser, explaining that: “Most fuzz pedals I’ve tried sound cool on high notes, but once you get into a rhythm you can’t tell the notes apart anymore…it’s just a wash of fuzz. The Scuzz Box doesn’t mute any notes and maintains clarity.”

The pedal is available for pre-order from select dealers, while Hammett is expected to debut it in concert on August 20 in Minneapolis. Metallica has also been announced as one of the acts on this year’s Global Citizen Festival on September 24 in New York’s Central Park.

More information about the Scuzz Box can be found at