Fire In The…Sky?

“Smoke On The Water” becomes first recording preserved as DNA

By Gary Graff
October 4, 2017

The DNA of Deep Purple’s iconic “Smoke On The Water” has been preserved for all time.

Twist Bioscience and Microsoft have teamed with UNESCO on an experimental process that turns recorded sound — in this case a performance of the anthem at the Montreux Jazz Festival — into DNA that’s subsequently stored as information that will reside in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Archive.

Twist chief technology officer Bill Peck tells Firstpost that: “We are now in an age where we can use the remarkable efficiencies of nature to archive master copies of our cultural heritage in DNA” — i.e., it IS rocket science.

Peck adds that: “As we develop the economies of this process, new performances can be added at any time. Unlike current storage technologies, nature’s media will not change and will remain readable through time. There will be no new technology to replace DNA — nature has already optimized the format.”

UNESCO has reportedly commissioned the entire Montreux recorded archive to be turned into DNA, and we can start making our list about what other tunes we’d like to have preserved forever.