Blackmore Back To Night

Deep Purple/Rainbow vet releasing compilation with Renaissance band

By Gary Graff

August 10, 2017

Although he’s returned to rock with Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore is returning to Renaissance music for his next project.

Blackmore’s Night, the group he leads with his wife, Candice Night, has announced an Aug. 18  release for To The Moon And Back: 20 Years And Beyond…, a two-CD compilation featuring material from the group’s 10 studio albums, including re-recorded versions of four songs and three new tracks — including a version of Rainbow’s “I Surrender” and “Ghost Of John,” which features vocals by Blackmore and Night’s six-year-old daughter August.

In a statement, Blackmore and Night call the collection a “musical journey down memory lane. From Shadow Of The Moon…our first release…through our brand new 2017 versions of old favorites and a new surprise song. Twenty years of memorable music and beyond.”

Blackmore previously told us that Blackmore’s Night has given him the freedom to expand his music beyond the standard conventions of rock: “I just like the audacity that we can approach anything we want to. We’re not locked into a box unlike the old days where that would be talked down. People say: ‘We’re not gonna play ‘I Got You Babe,’ that just doesn’t work in a hard rock band,’ so in those days it was very limiting  got play certain songs. But in this band we can do anything we want, which kind of puzzles a lot of people. They think: ‘What are they, a renaissance band? A pop band? A folk band? No, we like to be everything.”

Most recently, however, Blackmore has been concentrating on his return to rock with Rainbow, including some shows each of the last two years and the release of two new songs earlier this year. He hasn’t announced any additional plans for either group currently.