Black Queen?

Black Sabbath, Queen guitarists eyeballing joint project

By Gary Graff
July 4, 2017

A couple of British rock guitar titans may finally be working on a full-scale project together — at least if Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi has his way.

Iommi has long had a collaborative album with Queen’s Brian May on his bucket list since May guested on the track “Flame On” from Iommi’s 2000 solo album. The two began talking about a full-fledged album together in 2013, perhaps an interactive project that would recruit fans to contribute to the songs.

May is currently on the road in North America with Queen + Adam Lambert, but Iommi tells EON Music that: “Brian came up to my house a couple of weeks ago and we started talking about [the album] again — but it’s quite possible. We’d like to do it, but now he’s going on tour. But yeah, I’d like to do something with him.”

Queen + Adam Lambert is on the road through August 5 in North America and has a European tour set to kick off November 1 in Prague.