Billy Gibbons In Cuba

New film documents ZZ Top guitarist’s Havana adventure

By Gary Graff
October 19, 2016

Billy Gibbons is commemorating his show at the 2015 Havana Jazz Festival last December with a new film, Billy Gibbons and the BFGs Go to Cuba, which premieres November 30 in Los Angeles and will be released on home video shortly thereafter.

The concert was a highlight during Gibbons’ campaign for his first-ever solo album, Perfectamundo, which showcases some of his Afro-Cuban roots (he studied with Cuban percussionist Tito Puente during his youth).

Gibbons was first invited to play the Havana festival during 2014; he couldn’t because he’d already booked studio time in Houston, but he’s said that invitation inspired him to explore Cuban sounds and textures for the album.

He spent five days in Cuba when he finally made the trip, and the film will feature offstage as well as performance footage. BFGs pianist Martin Guigui directed the documentary.