Angus Young “Speaks”

But AC/DC leader says nothing about the group’s future 

By Gary Graff
September 26, 2016

Want some insight into AC/DC’s future? Well, don’t ask guitarist Angus Young. The group’s co-founder and leader has posted an end-of-tour message to fans at AC/DC’s official web site, without at all addressing what may lay ahead for the group.

AC/DC wrapped up its Rock Or Bust World Tour last week, and rather than address the band’s prospects after losing frontman Brian Johnson to hearing issues and bassist Cliff Williams to retirement, Young instead speaks about music and playing in the band.

He says that: “for me, music is my world. It’s what I know. I never take things for granted. I like to go and hope they like it…I play guitar when I feel I want to play guitar. That’s how you learnt to play. It’s never ‘you must play guitar.’ It’s a case of ‘you want to do that.'”

Young also noted that: “For us, every show is a new kind of challenge. Whenever everything is happening and the song is cooking and everything gels it seems like one thing and it all moves together. The ultimate is when you`ve got the audience joining in. The magic happens. They just want to rock along with you.”

Young has said he’ll wait until after the tour to consider whether AC/DC will continue. Williams’ retirement leaves him as the sole member left from the 70s, and it’s unclear if he’ll move forward to make another album, and whether Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose, who’s been fronting AC/DC since the spring, will remain in the lineup.