A Note From Jimi

Hendrix note to British fan to be auctioned

By Gary Graff
September 4, 2017

A number of Jimi Hendrix-related items, including a personal note he wrote to a fan in England, are going on the auction block.

The note comes from Anthea Connell, who met Hendrix in March of 1967 when he was playing in Lincolnshire, England; Connell tells the BBC that her boyfriend’s band was setting up its gear to open for the Jimi Hendrix Experience when Hendrix began talking to her; “I think it was because, at the time, I was the only girl in the ballroom,” she notes.

“He started talking to me and I was so shocked I can’t even remember what we said. I’d love to tell you we had a deep and meaningful conversation. I must have mumbled something. I was totally awestruck — Jimi Hendrix was a complete icon.”

Hendrix then left Connell with a note, written on an envelope, reading, “To Anthea — love and kisses to you for ever. I wish I could really talk to you. Stay sweet. Jimi Hendrix.”

Hansons auction house in Derbyshire will be putting the note up for sale on October 23; it expects to fetch up to $3,800. Autographs from Experience bandmates Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell will also be auctioned on that date.